Neurologists believe that a migraine attack develops under the influence of the following provoking factors: Chronic stress; Overwork; Strenuous mental work; Hormonal disorders. Often the cause of migraine is burdened heredity.


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With migraine, headaches occur in the form of attacks. They bother you at different intervals - from once a week to once a year. The attack lasts from several hours to 3 days. Usually the pain is throbbing, covering half of the head. It often occurs after physical exertion, stress, lack of sleep or too long sleep, eating certain foods. A migraine attack is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, intolerance to bright light, noise, and strong odors. Sometimes the headache is very severe and lasts for several days - this condition is called migraine status. According to statistics, migraine occurs in 2% of people.


Migraine is the most common type of headache. It occurs more often in women from the time of the onset of puberty (from 11-13 years old) to 35 years. Migraines are simple or with aura. It can occur in the temple, crown, occiput, forehead. The causes of the disease are a hereditary violation of the vasomotor regulation of the arteries located outside and inside the cranium.

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Head of the Department of Restorative Medicine, neurologist, reflexologist. Tension headache occurs more often in women after stress or nervous shock. It goes away in the presence of positive emotions, after drinking soothing herbal teas. Neurologists do not recommend taking headache pills on your own. Each drug is designed to relieve a certain type of pain and has a number of contraindications. The doctor takes all this into account when prescribing a medicine to a patient.

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Neurologists distinguish the following types of headaches: Migraine - caused by a violation of the vascular system; Tension headache - mainly arises from excessive tension of the cervical, eye muscles, as well as the muscles of the shoulder girdle and scalp aponeurosis, as well as due to chronic stress, depression; Chronic paroxysmal hemicrania, cluster headache - is primary and secondary. Headache not associated with damage to the structures of the brain; Ambulatory headache that occurs with uncontrolled medication. Also distinguish between headache after traumatic brain injury, with diseases of the vascular system, arising from intracranial disorders of extravascular origin.

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Headache can be a symptom of a serious medical condition. Therefore, with the frequent appearance of a pathological symptom, as well as in the presence of other symptoms, it is necessary to consult a doctor. At the Yusupov hospital, neurologists pay close attention to the treatment of various types of headaches. Diagnosis of possible causes is carried out using X-rays, MRI, CT, EEG, angiography and laboratory tests. If necessary, additional studies are prescribed. Individually selected therapy allows you to stop an acute attack and prevent the re-development of a pathological symptom. The drugs used are tested for quality and safety. Treatment regimens are in accordance with the world recommendations for headache therapy.

90% of the population has experienced headache symptoms at least once in their life. Such data is provided by the World Health Organization. In 20% of cases, the headache is permanent. The ratio in the structure of morbidity among men and women is 1: 3. Neurologists identify various causes of headaches. The most common etiological factors are migraines and tension headaches. Migraine is diagnosed in 20–30% of cases, with HDN accounting for 50–70%.

Headaches in the forehead can bother the patient with sinusitis, frontal sinusitis. In this case, the treatment is carried out by otolaryngologists. If the cause of the headache is arterial hypertension, cardiologists conduct antihypertensive therapy. In the presence of intoxication, infectious disease specialists are involved in the treatment of patients with headache. A multidisciplinary approach to treating headache patients can quickly improve the patient's condition.

There are about 200 known causes of headache (cephalalgia). It can be an increase or decrease in blood pressure, pathology of cerebral vessels, diseases of the spine, cerebral vessels, brain tumors, intoxication. At the Yusupov hospital, neurologists find out the cause of the headache using the latest diagnostic equipment from the world's leading manufacturers.

Answer: In this case, it is recommended to consult with a neurologist for examination and examination, to determine the cause of the headache after eating. Only after receiving the results of the examination, the specialist doctor will make an accurate diagnosis and, if necessary, prescribe an adequate treatment.

Question: Hello, I'm 19 years old and I have a bad headache for a week after eating. I thought it was about food, tried to watch what I eat. But definitely not from food. As soon as I am hungry, the headache goes away. If we eat, a terrible headache. I look forward to hearing, thanks in advance!